Sunday, 11 January 2009


8/365, originally uploaded by Laquet.

Don't you just love a full fridge?
Snipped and snapped on my Nokia E71.


Cassoulet Cafe said...

Oh is that a Bonne Maman white jar of one of their special spreads?????????? I got pears and cocoa nibs once!!!

Le laquet said...

No CC - but I love the pear and choc conserve you're talking about ... that's duck fat - from a can of confit - saved for roasting potatoes in! YUM!

Pierce said...

So, is that a bottle of champagne I see in the door? Anything special planned? We ahve on occassion had champagne with an appetizer supper. Fun stuff. Tonight we are picking up a Bordeaux superior to go with dinner.


Le laquet said...

No - nothing planned and I'm going to sound like such a snob when I say this Tina ... it's there just in case of emergencies!