Thursday, 12 February 2009


40/365, originally uploaded by Laquet.

Dinner; tacos+wedges+sour cream=NICE!!! Found these tacos at my local supermarket. They're boat shape so nothing falls out. How clever is that?
Snipped and snapped on my Nokia E71.


Pierce said...

Snap number 40 - keep it up!! That looks like a good meal. Doug and I are off for Vietnamese food tonight. Never had it before so maybe there will be something I can cross off the Omnivoure 100 list.
Will work on the Brit Omnivoure again tomorrow.

Le laquet said...

I am going to do my best Tina - I know that in the summer when I am in France they will sit in my flickr account until I can get Internet access BUT I will do my best to continue taking them :o)