Sunday, 15 March 2009


71/365 part 1
71/365 part 1, originally uploaded by Laquet.
71/365 part 2
71/365 part 2, originally uploaded by Laquet.

71/365 part 3, originally uploaded by Laquet.
Simon* and I went to the farmer's market in Rochester this morning and bought/brought home lots of goodies - many of which we have already eaten! We bought rare breed pork sausages, duck rilettes (sp?), lime and chilli jelly and organic Jerusalem artichokes. The sausages were gorgeous in baguettes at lunchtime and I've just HAD to try out a bit of the rilettes - delish!! Snipped and snapped on my Nokia E71.
*Simon had to be dragged there kicking and screaming BUT has already said we need to go back next month!!


Anonymous said...

Love your post about the farmer’s market. They are such fun to browse around. I always take a basket or cloth bag for the goodies. We don’t have nice duck sausage here. I’d be on that in a flash.

Le laquet said...

The farmer's market was fab Tina- really lovely food, yes a little more expensive but it's their lively hood and I like getting direct from the producer - feel like I know more about it. I went with an empty cloth bag and came home with it full of goodies - Simon enjoyed his sojourn at the local ale stall ... had to be dragged from that one kicking and screaming!

Fi said...

The Giggly Pig! Not so giggly once they're sausage though :)

Farmers Markets are fab, we have one locally - I love browsing and snacking, plus the fresh veges are wonderful.