Tuesday, 24 March 2009


80/365, originally uploaded by Laquet.

The poker table ready and waiting. We played, we ate*, I made a profit of 70p over the night's cards. I know 70p is nothing to write home about BUT I look at it this way - I started the night with a fiver and made 14% profit ... if I had started with £5000 ... that would have been £5700 - enough profit for a pair of Jimmy Choos!!
Snipped and snapped on my Nokia E71.

* The food - poker night is very much snacks night. I prepared a huge dish of crudites (cucumber, carrot, peppers, baby corn-on-the-cob & mange tout) and opened some shop bought houmous, made some tempura style onion rings with salsa and sour cream, coated some tiny sausages in honey and mustard and finished them off in the oven, heated some pitta bread for scooping and served chilli olives, dolmades and Lindt chocolate biscuits on the side. It all went ;o)

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Anonymous said...

Oooohhh Jimmy Choos. I have a novel called Goodbye Jimmy Choo by Annie Sanders. I Haven't read it yet. Buried under another pile of books by the bedside. But you speak sound economic wisdom there.
The food Good lord, that sounds like quite a spread. I don't know how to play poker but would just to sit in and eat! Particularly the tempura onion Rings.