Friday, 20 March 2009

Public Service Announcement Laquet Style

As you can see from this gap where 75/365 and 76/365 should be & the mismatched order of photos in my Flickr photostream and the late posting I am having technical problems. Technical problems of the kind where my phone is telling me that my memory card is unavailable and even though I can see the aforementioned photos on my phone there is no way - not by email, not via the computer cable, not even by text ... NO WAY - I can get the photos off the f%$@ing camera!!
You'll just have to believe me that the 2 photos - my father's flask before their early morning journey back to France & my pile of "fat" clothes that have now been banished to Oxfam* would have been worth seeing!
End of Public Service Announcement!
*So I really can't put the 5 stone back on!
p.s. Happy Birthday for yesterday Shawn!

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Anonymous said...

But I want to SEE the flask and the clothes! If the snaps are still on the phone maybe in the future you'll be able to download them. I would love a new camera. One that slips in my pocket.


You know, what bugs me is not knowing why I can't comment. One day I could and i was so excited. It's a format thing I guess. But I have not forsaken you, in spite of me not commenting!