Friday, 21 August 2009


174/365 part 1, originally uploaded by Laquet.

Banana bread with home grown walnuts.
Snipped and snapped on my Nokia E71.


Pierce said...

I never thought about home grown walnuts....just outta the bag.

I just made chocolate banana bread with kahlua!

Hey, if you could only have one...would you get a food processor or a big Kitchenaid stand mixer?

Le laquet said...

Walnuts grow every here like weeds, mum was given a bag of them by a neighbour. They're eaten here in lots of starters - salade de Rocamadour for instance ... hot toasted goats cheese on toast with lettuce, walnuts and a vinaigrette of some sort. And the banana bread recipe - a very simple one off the BBC website suggested them as an addition. Chocolate banana bread with Kahlua - to bring out a sadly underused word from my childhood - LUSH!!!! Wow. Photos?

Mmmm ... interesting question, food processor or a big Kitchenaid stand mixer? Whilst I would love a Kitchenaid - especially as my pastry sucks (my hands are just too warm) - a bright, chilli red one to match the chillis in my kitchen ... a food processor does so much more and I just love homemade coleslaw and really couldn't do without mine just for that! You?

Pierce said...

I was just looking at ared mixer yesterdy and thought of you. I have an email to send you later about that shop in Dunster.

We ought to open a catering business together, wouldn't that be a blast?!