Friday, 27 March 2009


83/365 part 1
83/365 part 1, originally uploaded by Laquet.
The drive home was grey and uninspiring. Cold, drab ploughed fields nr Boxley.

83/365 part 2, originally uploaded by Laquet.

So I had to turn to Simon's beer cache for a bit of colourful inspiration. My favourite of the three is the East Green Carbon Neutral. I couldn't persuade him to buy the Banana Bread Beer unfortunately!
Snipped and snapped on my Nokia E71.


Pierce said...

That IS colorful beer. Is the red one raspberry?

We tried an ale last night that just rocked. Ommegang - a Belgium ale - and it was so good. Went with Chinese food perfectly. I have pictures.

Le laquet said...

No Tina he is so not a fruit beer man - but my brother loves Belgian cherry beer. The red one was quite dark for Adnams. I love Ommegang - Belgium is close enough to go shopping on a Friday eve after work - mussels, chips (French fries), a beer and a visit to a hypermarket - fab!!!!